About Peekabook

It is of no doubt that developing one’s character is an endless journey. Peekabook aims at picking books- from different domains- and turning it into activity kits, games, training material & lesson plans. This is the core of the blog; help you practice knowledge & theory to develop your character, or your children’s. The sprinkles on the top include blog posts, random activities, character development activities & maybe more in the future 🙂

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Mahitab Al-Aasser

Before having kids, I have been working in Character Development for 8 years. I worked directly, as a mentor, with all age groups, in addition to training facilitators & mentors on how to develop CE content, deliver and reflect on it, how to integrate CE in other subjects, how to communicate with parents… etc. I always thought that having kids of my own would be a piece of cake. Am an expert! Shockingly, it was nothing like what I imagined! It was a 24/7 challenge with 2 kids of a 1.5-year age gap. My parenting goal is to provide them with tools that can help them discover themselves, cope with life and flourish. That is when I decided to share my work & personal experience with others. We are in this together.

I am Mahitab Al-Aaaser, a Character Development Specialist. I started exploring this field since 2008 & discovered that this is my life passion. I shifted my career, from a translator to a character developer. During my journey, I decided to add theoretical knowledge to my practical experience and took 3 certificates: Character Education Development Certificate (accredited by University of San Diego- Professional and Continuing Education), Teaching Character & Creating Positive Classrooms Course (from Relay Graduate School of Education), and Professional Educator Diploma in Teaching Adolescent Learners (accredited by The American University in Cairo- School of Continuing Education).

My dream is to have a school that develops character along with academics in a cool & fun way. A school that kids are excited to go daily without being forced to.