The Sea Box

Ages: 3+

Transparent box – Water – Sand – Blue food color (optional) – sea shells – toys (according to preference) – Beach playset

Today we went to the beach and made a sea box 🌊 I asked the kids to look for seashells 🐚 and we started filling the box with sand (we made a side higher than the other to make the beach and sea). Afterwards, we filled the box with sea water, till we had a beach and sea, then we started decorating the beach with the seashells.

When we were done, the kids started using their toys to a boat and made their dolls have swim in the sea 🏊

N.B: You can use blue food color to make the sea blue & you don’t have to be in a place with a beach to do the activity. You can use regular sand and tap water 😉

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