2) Introduce Yourself Collage

Age: Preschool

Paper – Colors – Old magazines & school books – Glue

Want to have a nice chit chat with your kids, know them more and let them know more about themselves? Then, the “Introduce Yourself Collage” is the best activity for this.

We stuck our pictures on our papers, then we started answering the following questions (you can change the questions according to the age) by drawing, writing or sticking pictures on our collage:
– What’s your favorite toy?
– What is your favorite game?
– What is your favorite animal?
– What if your favorite food?
– Things you are grateful for
– What is your favorite sport?
– What is your favorite number?
– What is your favorite color?
– What is your favorite candy?
– What is your favorite cartoon?
– Who is your favorite cartoon character? 

Then they put it in their binders.

Book we are turning into activities: Building Confidence for Dummies

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