1) I am a Miracle

Age: Preschool

اضغط هنا للعربي

Binder – “I am a Miracle” Printable (print on A4 sticker) – Colors

Today I started with the kids the Self-Esteem series. The idea is that they will do a book about themselves. Each time we’ll have something to add to the book as a reminder for them in the future.

I started by elaborating that we’ll be talking about ourselves this period, and I asked the following questions:
– Why do you think it’s important to know about ourselves?
– If you meet someone and want to tell him/her about yourself, what will you say?
– Tell me thing(s) you love about yourself (If, they don’t know, give them examples of things you love abou them).

I, also, asked them to say the things they see that we as a family are similar in (like, we are all human beings, we have hair, body parts… etc.), and the things that we are different in (height, eye colors, hobbies… etc.). When we were done, I elaborated that we need to know our strengths and weaknesses, so we can start using it.

Afterwards, I gave each one of them a binder and told them that this is our book. I gave them the “I am a Miracle” Sticker, saying that this is the book cover and asked them to stick it & draw how they see themselves on the empty human structure on the sticker. They started looking in the mirror to know their eye colors, they drew their curly hair… etc. They, also, wrote their names on it (for children who can’t write, you can either write their names in dots and let them trace it, or you can write their name and they color it). When they were done, each one presented his/her drawing.

Book we are turning into activities: Building Confidence for Dummies

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