5) What is the Quraan?

Age: Preschool

اضغط هنا للعربي

Squared paper – Colors

So today I started by holding the Quraan in my hand and asked them “What is this?”. They already knew (If they don’t know, tell them its name). Then I opened it and elaborated that inside the Quran there are Surahs, like the ones we already know and I asked them to recite any of the Surahs they know. Then I asked them the following questions:
– Who do you think gave us the Quraan? (Allah)
– Why do you think he gave it to us? (To tell us everything we need to know about life; how to eat, pray, deal with people… etc.)
– What if we didn’t have the Quraan?

Afterwards, I told them that there are 4 Mushafs (Quraan) around the house, and asked them to search for and get it.

Finally, I told them that we want to make bookmarks to the Quraan they are memorizing from currently, so that they would know where they are. And we did an Origami Bookmark (Instructions in video below 👇), decoarated it & they both marked where they are in their Quraan.

Book we are turning into activities: ما لا يسع المُسلم جهله

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