4) Allah’s Gifts To Us

Age: Preschool

اضغط هنا للعربي

“Allah Gives Us…” Cards – Scissor – Glue – Paper (Or use anything that can act as wrapping paper) – Candy – Small Toys

Our talk, today, was about Allah’s gifts to us. I decided that I will deliver this through the “Paper Wrap Game”. I printed the “Allah Gives Us…” Cards and cut them. I, then, glued the first card on the middle of an A4 colored paper, wrapped it, then I glued the second card on the middle of another paper and wrapped it around the 1st paper. I kept doing so with the rest of the cards, until I had a big pile of papers wrapped around eachother. I put in some layers candy as surprise to keep them focused in the game and excited for more 🍬 I kept the “Entertainment” card till the end and wrapped the toys with it. Check video for more elaboration 👇

I showed them the box and told them let’s check Allah’s gifts to us 😍 I asked them to take turns to unwrap the paper. After each time we stopped and reflected on the card; What if Allah didn’t give us (e.g. Air)? When they answer, we thank God for this gift and the next person unwraps another paper, and so on.

This activity gave us the opportunity to feel Allah’s Gifts to us, think, talk, thank Allah & also get some candies and new toys 🤩

Book we are turning into activities: ما لا يسع المُسلم جهله

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