2) Allah’s Creations

Age: Preschool

Glue – Pen – Colors

I dotted the word “Allah” on a white paper, then I took them for a walk in the garden and asked them to look around and tell me what do they think are Allah’s creations.

NB. expect to get answers like the door, the ceiling… etc. That is totally okay! I replied asking them “Did Allah create the door or we built it?” They said we (people) did, and I elaborated that Allah gave us brains to think and hands to built the door.

When we returned. we got out the traced “Allah” and we started remembering what we saw around us from Allah’s creations (we even got some leaves that were already on the ground. Don’t pluck it please) Whenever they say anything, I search for a free coloring icon for it on google, then I printed out all what has been said. They colored it, cut it and glued it on the traced word “Allah”, so that the items would form the word “Alah”.

Book we are turning into activities: ما لا يسع المُسلم جهله

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