Telephone Invention

Ages: 3 – 6

2 Paper clips – 2 paper cups – About 3 meters of string – Pin

Today we talked about the telephone, as a mean of communication, and how people connected before its invention.

I started by asking them several questions:
– What do we do when we want to communicate with someone (like your grandparents, aunts & uncles)?
– What if we don’t have mobiles or videos, how can we communicate with them?
– Do you that long time ago there were no mobiles, telephones, emails or laptops! How do you think they communicated with people not living with them?

(You’ll be astonished with their answers. Please don’t underestimate their answers or make fun of it)

Afterwards, I explained that they used to contact through writing and sending envelopes to each other. To elaborate, I acted as if I’m writing a letter to my sister, put it in an envelope, wrote From…, To…, & the Address, and handed it to the postman (acted by their father). My daughter decided to play my sister’s role and took the envelope from the postman.

When they were done, each one of them wrote a letter (Rayan wrote to her aunt & Hassan wrote to his grandpa). They gave it to the postman when they finished.

I, then, simply explained that something called that “telegraph” was invented. I asked if they know what does a signal mean. Then their father told them, he’ll send them a signal and they need to do what’s in it. He said “when I knock once stand. When I knock twice sit, and when I knock 3 times jump.” That was a fun game 😊

Finally, I told them that a man called, Graham Bell, invented the telephone, and we did a phone with cups, as follows:
– Make a hole in the center of the base of both cups, using the pin.
– Tie one paperclip to one end of the string.
– Pull the other end of the string through the hole in one of the paper cups. The paperclip should be inside the paper cup.
– Insert the free end of the string into the hole in the bottom of the second paper cup. Insert it from the outside of the cup.
– Pull enough string through the hole to enable you to tie the second paperclip to the end of the string.

Then each one took a cup, walked away from each other until the string is taught and they started communicating. Now, they have a telephone to play with, done my them 😊

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