Classic Paper Plane

Age: 3-6 years old (variations for ages 8+)

A4 paper – Decoration tools (not necessary)

Today’s activity is the Classic Paper Plane that we all did when we were kids 🛩ī¸

This craft is suitable for the age group of 3-5 years old. However, there are advanced paper plane types, for older ages, that I’ll post its names at the end of the post.

All you need for this activity is A4 paper 📄 I also used colors and decoration tools for my kids to decorate their planes when done. I used The Great_Big_Book_of_Amazing_Activities for instructions. You can, also, check How to Make a Paper Airplane on wikiHow.

Paper Plane Variations for Older Ages (Ages 8+):
The Snub NoseThe Speed DemonThe FloaterYe Old FaithfulThe EagleThe SpyThe SpearThe Dog Fighter

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