The Multiple Intelligences

We often complain that our kids, learners or selves don’t focus, specially while learning or delivering something new. And we consider this lack of concentration, or misbehaviour, and sometimes we label this complain under “stupidity” ☹️ While actually each one of us has his/her own magical way to click. red This way is known as the multiple intelligences.

In 1983, Dr.Howard Gardner, a professor of education in Harvard University, suggested that all people have 8 types of intelligences and the level of each type of intelligence differs from one person to another. He, also, proposed that the highest 3 intelligences in each individual, is how he acquires knowledge, thinks & expresses himself/herself.

The intelligences that each individual may possess in varying degrees are; the logic smart 🧠 the music smart 🎶 the body smart 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️the word smart 📖 the self-smart 💭 the people smart 👭👬the picture smart 👁️ and the nature smart 🏞️ .

In the upcoming posts I will be tackling each type and its characteristics.

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