The Nature Smart

Dedicated to Hassan ❣️
Hassan (or Azouza as I love calling him) is the character in the above picture 👆 He’s my son, who is the face of our 3rd intelligence: The naturalistic (the nature smart).

Hassan decided to lead an unconventional lifestyle since birth: he disregarded the sleep routine we had since his sister, and decided that he sleeps at 8pm and wakes up at 6 am regardless of the first or last feed time we have! He walked when he wanted to, and not infront of all people (he walked with us at home, and crawled in the nursery 😅 until he was once caught walking 🤷

He gets excited when he sees ants, cockroaches, or insects in general and keeps observing it. He loves playing in the sand, nature, water, and anything that involves mess. He focuses when his dad watches National Geographic. He, also, doesn’t like crowded & loud places, and gets along really well with people who respect his own space, even if its his 1st time to meet them.
He starts classifying any new toy, until he discovers how it works or seeks help. He never gets bored watching the view outside the car window. He enjoys playing with play dough and anything with a new texture on his hands (e.g. sand, flour, colors, glue… Etc.).

In conclusion, Azouza is, mostly, a nature smart person. People with this type of intelligence, love to use their senses in exploring their surroundings, and like to observe people, beings, & nature. They have the ability to classify and understand how things work. They respect nature and freedom.
May Allah grant you gorgeousness as you are Hassan 💗

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