The Body Smart

They said he’s destructive, but he actually likes to experiment and explore to learn. They judged saying he’s disrespectful to others, when he just feels comfortable using his hands and body to express himself. They assumed that he’s a slacker & careless; however, he’s just bored and is trying hard to focus. They complained that he’s always distracted, but he remembers hands-on experiences and it’s really hard for him to recall visual or auditory information. They doubted his smartness, while he learns through trial & error.

Infinite rumors surround the body smart, while he’s just a person who learns through touching, moving & experimenting. He expresses his feelings using all senses; he jumps, dances, talks loudly & likes to share his achievements with loved ones. He’s a human being expecting acceptance 🤗

If you are body_smart , what would be your needs in your work/study environment?

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